Vortex pump|SPA/swimming pool machine|Industrial high pressure fan
Product model:
2HR 610-7AH16
1 centrifuge cycle design. High pressure, air volume. Air cushion design, lower noise
2 starting torque, stable and reliable working process
3 oil-free design, more pure gases
4 surface phosphate treatment. Electrostatic spraying, color uniformity, adhesion stronger
5.-power wide range of configurations, long product life.

     Suitable for Cutter, cigarette filter machine, plating bath stirring, spray dryers, water aeration, screen printing, photolithography machine, injection molding machine automatic feeding dryer, liquid filling machine, welding equipment, film machinery, paper, transportation, dry laundry, cleaning, aspects of air dust, dry bottles, gas transmission, feeding, collection.


Rick combined high pressure air needs to be placed in a dry and ventilated place above the horizontal.

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